Learn the technical skills today, for greatness tomorrow.

Sharon Blain’s signature Boot Camp teaches a ‘box set’ of basic technical skills that form the foundation of all hair designs. Once mastered, these simple techniques are guaranteed to expand your skill set with new confidence. Boot Camp will stretch your ability, challenge you, and then drive you to become a styling expert. Imagine, opening up a creative world of opportunity never before possible? No other styling class offers you more.

With over 60 Boot Camps conducted worldwide, you now can be part of a global network that has been touted as the ultimate learning experience as the all new Boot Camp hits online.

Be part of the proven global phenomenon now


“Boot Camp has been hailed as the best value and most comprehensive short course offered in the world today”


The journey of Boot Camp

Sharon was left feeling frustrated by the way today’s hair styling was all about blast dry, straightening or curling the hair with little technique or concern for longevity.

“The core basic foundational skills learnt at college have simply been forgotten. But realistically, are vital as trends change and for hairdressers who dream about taking their careers beyond the salon environment. They need to have excellent technical skills to advance. ”declared Sharon.

Recognising the gap in hairdressing education, Sharon Blain, embraced it and hence Boot Camp was born. Delivering a blue print for styling long and short hair, Boot Camp includes core fundamental skills that simplify the way to dress hair with confidence.

In 2011, the first Boot Camp was conducted in Sydney, Australia, twelve months later, Boot Camp launched for the first time in the USA with 28 students. Just three years on, Boot Camp #21 was conducted in Sydney with 40 students, the largest numbers ever and due to high demand is travelling throughout Europe.

Boot Camp attracts leading international platform educators, top session stylists, leading bridal and makeup artists and acclaimed Hollywood celebrity hairdressers as well as top social influencers. Graduates also include the international art team from Vidal Sassoon’s, Moroccanoil, Goldwell, KMS, BaBylissPro, along with a host of educational professionals from, schools, academies, Tafe’s and renowned products companies.

Sharon’s extraordinary abilities to deliver this phenomenon course attracts rave reviews about the content, professionalism and creativity of this unique educational experience.

Some of Sharon’s Awards include:

  • Winner 2018 Hair Expo Education Business of the Year
  • Winner 2017 Hair Expo Education Business of the Year
  • 4x Educator of the Year, Hair Expo Australia
  • 2x Business Performance of the year, Boot Camp, Hair Expo Australia

Review #2759

It will be very well being organized, the classes were gorgeous, Shara had a magician in her hands but a lot of technique. Congratulations all the staff because they were fantastic. Although I need to wake up very very early to attend the classes on line it worth it. From Spain, thank you.


Review #2699

The amount of work Sharon has put in to share with us is outstanding. Each week and each class was exceptional and i had many WOW moments. I could listen to Sharon talk all day about her career moments and how she came up with the ideas for her collections. I left every class feeling even more inspired by the last, and i feel very excited about having all these ideas in my library to refer to and pick things from over my career. Magical!!! Thank you, See you for Series 2

Mhairi McQueen

Review #2361

This class was worth every penny. Seeing how Sharon manipulates hair as easy as a stripper manipulates men is just incredible! I feel so inspired to make so many creations myself. I would certainly love an in person hands on class one day but this online class still certainly delivered.

Jessica Rose

Review #2465

It is such a ‘privilege’ to be able to watch Sharon’s gift come to life. To see and to understand how her mind thinks, it just sends shivers down your spine. Not only does she have a rare gift, she is so professional and an amazing teacher. So easy to learn from. Everything is done to perfection along with her team by her side. Such five star service.

Jo Hall

Review #1376

Absolutely worth it! Learned techniques that can be used in many ways to create different looks. Sharon is very thorough and patient and answers all questions. Thank you so much for this amazing class❤❤


Review #1380

I recommend to everyone SBE courses, even if it’s a little bit unusual attending them because of Italian time zone.
Sharon is very willing and competent… for sure this won’t be my last class 😉
Thank you again !!!

Alice Fiumarelli

Review #1386

Thank you endlessly sharon it was great time online live and wealth of knowledge.
Thank you

Donna Kadirpur

Review #1395

Fabulous online learning esp while in lockdown here in nz! Recommend it 100%!
Thank you Sharon for your priceless tips and inspiration! Feeling more confident and ready to create ❤ look forward to more classes!!!

Genna Wells

Review #1406

The Contemporary Brides on-line course was a wonderful opportunity to learn in a different way. Sharon is a wonderful teacher. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent with us! I cannot thank you enough!

Stella Fogas

Review #1411

Thankuou Sharon for your inspiration . Can’t wait to apply your techniques in salon . You made it all look so easy . Hope to take advantage of other classes .

Roisin Barton

Review #1412

Thank you so much Sharon for your generosity in sharing your skills and experience with us! It’s obvious that you want your students to excel in this beautiful form if art, the class experience tells me that but also, the 21 pages of class notes including photos that arrived today is amazing, thank you!! I was in your first Boot Camp in Sydney all those years ago and I’m so happy that I could be in your first live online class too! As usual, the experience didn’t disappoint!! Thank you again Sharon 🧡 love Leearna

Leearna Zammit

Review #1417

I really enjoyed this upstyle course Sharon really covers all areas with each style she’s very inspirational. I like that you get to rewatch the styles so you can keep practicing. It was definitely worth staying up for.

Gillian Arthur

Review #1538

Thank you Sharon for sharing your knowledge, and expertise in your technical skills.
This has helped me achieve more accomplished results in my hairstyling, much appreciated. x


Review #1549

The course was really informative & the styles are possible even for those of us who are frightened of upstyles. Sharon goes into great detail to explain & show what she is doing for each step of every style.

Amanda Rickman

Review #1564

I had the privilege of doing the Sharon Blain Contemporary Brides course. I learnt so many tips and tricks to make my hair-ups perfect and last for my clients all day. Overall, the course was easy to follow and understand. .The main things I will take away from this course are: ‘less is more’ and the importance of prepping and setting!

Carla Thompson


The course was a strong trigger of nostalgia for me, I have the greatest memories working with Sharon many years ago and they all came flooding back at the press of a button.
Being able to go online in my own time and get lost in the world of long hair again gave such a confidence boost, from learning new amazing techniques and remembering old ones I had forgotten. You still make it look so easy! Can’t wait to do more!!



el curso en general es genial!!!! a mi me encantó, el único aspecto en el que debería pensar es en las personas latinas que como YO no sabemos inglés y que nos gusta su trabajo. a mi personalmente me costó muchísimo trabajo por el idioma, pero lo logré con la ayuda de muchas personas que me apoyaron escuchando los videos y yo escribiendo las traducciones en papel para poder estudiar y contestar los cuestionarios, pero por nada del mundo quería perder esta gran oportunidad tan maravillosa!!. me encantaría que más adelante pueda encontrar más cursos con los videos subtitulados en español para que sea mucho más facil para mi a para todos los que no hablamos su idioma. aprovecho para agradecer a sharon por compartir todo su conocimiento con nosotros los boot campistas. mil y mil gracias!. ahora solo queda practicar muchísimo hasta lograr hacer muy bien todo lo que aprendimos.



El curso esta genial, aunque soy estilista hace mucho tiempo sientes la necesidad de seguir en la escuela del aprendizaje , descubres que no todo lo dominas y que para ello existen personas fabulosas como Sharon de tantanta trallectoria y profecionalismo que te brinda la posibilidad de refrescar conocimientos y enrriqueser aun mas tus abilidades como profecional de la peluqueria, Solo queria recarcar que por favor aunque entiendo algo en ingles siempre es una dificultad porque no lo domino del todo, he comprado varios traductores pero aun asi no se logra una buena traduccion . Gracias Sharon Te conoci en NY y amo tu trabajo.



Amazing explication she is really professional and her way to explain is quite simple also for person like me that isn’t English mother language. The negative part is that every time I finish a part the system log me out automatically.


Katie Routledge

I just completed a look using Sharon’s go-to method for setting Voluminous Old Hollywood waves. The prepping technique changed everything! The hair just fell perfectly because of the time put into carving out the hairline and blow drying the shape in first. Thankyou Sharon! Words cannot describe the knowledge and skill you possess. We are so grateful to learn from the Godmother of Hair!!!

Katie Routledge

Pamela Young

I enjoyed learning from Sharon and her techniques on how to master the Hollywood waves and red carpet looks, i am glad she allows the students to watch the videos after class because to do the hair while watching her is much harder especially when you dont know how you should be prepping your mannequin head before and this makes the biggest difference in styling the hair.

Pamela Young

Christine O Sullivan

This is Education that will take you through your lifetime of hairdressing. Education that will never date. Techniques that can be used for life. Sharon you are an absolute genius of an Educator. Thank You. Cannot wait for the next course already !!! This Education will teach you the core techniques basic to advanced of learning the correct way for Long Hair Waves, Red Carpet & Hair Up.
Christine x

Christine O Sullivan

Nothing short of amazing

Sharon Blain’s Boot Camp is nothing short of amazing. Sharon’s program teaches you everything from the proper tools you need, how to prep, pin, wave, and style long hair and every detail in between. You owe it to yourself to make Boot Camp a must for long hairstyling education.

Candy Shaw

Such an inspirational mentor to so many

Sharon Blain is one of our top educators and has continued to share her passion and knowledge with Boot Camp Online. Such an inspirational mentor to so many. What a great learning environment with so much content. Love it!

Joey Scandizzo

A great opportunity

A great opportunity to learn from an icon

Tabatha Coffey

The most growth in my styling skills

Everything I thought I knew about styling was challenged and my way was challenged and through some frustration I had the most growth in my styling skills this week because of a woman who put every ounce of her heart and soul into every minute of our time with her I am so fortunate to have met and gained an incredible mentor thank you


Techniques that will not only enhance my skills but my confidence

I still haven’t come down off the high that I received during my time spent in day boot camp. I learned techniques that will not only enhance my skills but my confidence as well. Thank you Sharon for not only sharing your knowledge but for your kind and encouraging words. I will never forget the times. I have not only gained a mentor but I got to meet some new lifelong friends. Feeling blessed and highly favored!


Invest in yourself and your career

Invest in yourself and your career. @sharonblain and the #sharonblainbootcamp WILL change your creative outlook, your way of doing, Hell the woman will change your life. Years later and I’m still swooning over the experience.


The epitome of excellence!

These last 4 days have changed my #life@sharonblain there’s NO ONE like you. You are the epitome of excellence! Your vision is beyond, your spirit is magical and your energy is magnetic‼ I will never forget this time you’ve shared with me. I’m forever grateful and I can’t say #THANKYOU enough.


The best training and education I have ever done

Completing #sharonblainbootcamp was the BEST TRAINING AND EDUCATION I have EVER done. There are not enough words to express how much I loved and enjoyed the training. I have gained skills, knowledge and ability that I constantly use in my work. I still cannot stop talking about the experience. I completely LOVED every moment of the training.

Alice Wilkinson

A transformative experience

’I enrolled myself in Sharon Blain’s Boot Camp in Santa Monica. For me, it was a transformative experience; I gained so much in such a short period of time by focusing on the basics with the guidance of masters

Gerard Scarpaci
Co-founder –hairbrained.me

Bootcamp is a MUST for everybody

Attending Bootcamp is not just 4 days of skill building, you’re also building a better you. Take what you know, it be a little or it be a lot, and multiply it by whatever number you like: you won’t ever look at hair or our industry the same again. Sharon Blain & Julie Hagney humbly take you on this amazing journey with them that leaves you mesmerized and inspires you beyond belief. My fear of dressing long hair stayed in Santa Monica on the last week of July this year. I brought back with me: excitement, motivation, CONFIDENCE, and an immense respect for Sharon Blain, Julie Hagney, and the ART that they shared with us on those four wonderful days. Bootcamp is a MUST for everybody; what you take away from it is priceless, this is education in all its glory! Just thinking about my experience puts a smile on my heart, go – you’re worth it!

John Flores
Santa Monica Boot Camp

Legends of the industry!

One of the most intense learning experiences I have ever had!! Can’t believe what #sharonblainbootcamp packed into 4 days!! So rad to be have been able to hang out and learn from such legends of the industry! Thank you

Nathan Yip

You are so inspirational

Thank you @sharonblain for an intense 4 days of education. You are so inspirational and I truly appreciate the dedication and heart that you both have, you are both truly artists.

Gabe Elliott

A workout for your hands and your hairy soul

Düsseldorf A 4 day “workout” for your hands and your hairy soul..Those ladies ROCK

Denise Bredtmann

Sharon Blain boot camp is a must

Attending Sharon Blain boot camp is a must for all levels of stylist, my team are so excited to be learning on trend techniques which they can use in the salon on a daily basis.

Oscar Oscar Chermside