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Sharon Blain’s signature Boot Camp has been developed with hairstylists and makeup artists in mind. It is an intensive and dynamic 12 session online course (with lifetime access) supported by over 75+ educational videos where you will learn the core styling skills, must-have techniques and proven formulas that are essential for long hair styling success.

This course covers all the core foundation skills required for setting, using hot tools, pins curls, waves, braiding and blow drying so you can prefect the style every time. Sharon Blain’s unique and dynamic teaching method you will ensure that you expand your styling skills to a level never before achieved.

No.2 short course to attend. 2014 Education Guide - The Hairnerds.com
Winner 2x Business Performance of the year, Boot Camp - Hair Expo Australia

A transformative experience

’I enrolled myself in Sharon Blain’s Boot Camp in Santa Monica. For me, it was a transformative experience; I gained so much in such a short period of time by focusing on the basics with the guidance of masters

Gerard Scarpaci
Co-founder –hairbrained.me

Sharon Blain boot camp is a must

Attending Sharon Blain boot camp is a must for all levels of stylist, my team are so excited to be learning on trend techniques which they can use in the salon on a daily basis.

Oscar Oscar Chermside

Invest in yourself and your career

Invest in yourself and your career. @sharonblain and the #sharonblainbootcamp WILL change your creative outlook, your way of doing, Hell the woman will change your life. Years later and I’m still swooning over the experience.


Legends of the industry!

One of the most intense learning experiences I have ever had!! Can’t believe what #sharonblainbootcamp packed into 4 days!! So rad to be have been able to hang out and learn from such legends of the industry! Thank you

Nathan Yip

The best training and education I have ever done

Completing #sharonblainbootcamp was the BEST TRAINING AND EDUCATION I have EVER done. There are not enough words to express how much I loved and enjoyed the training. I have gained skills, knowledge and ability that I constantly use in my work. I still cannot stop talking about the experience. I completely LOVED every moment of the training.

Alice Wilkinson

You are so inspirational

Thank you @sharonblain for an intense 4 days of education. You are so inspirational and I truly appreciate the dedication and heart that you both have, you are both truly artists.

Gabe Elliott

Techniques that will not only enhance my skills but my confidence

I still haven’t come down off the high that I received during my time spent in day boot camp. I learned techniques that will not only enhance my skills but my confidence as well. Thank you Sharon for not only sharing your knowledge but for your kind and encouraging words. I will never forget the times. I have not only gained a mentor but I got to meet some new lifelong friends. Feeling blessed and highly favored!


Bootcamp is a MUST for everybody

Attending Bootcamp is not just 4 days of skill building, you’re also building a better you. Take what you know, it be a little or it be a lot, and multiply it by whatever number you like: you won’t ever look at hair or our industry the same again. Sharon Blain & Julie Hagney humbly take you on this amazing journey with them that leaves you mesmerized and inspires you beyond belief. My fear of dressing long hair stayed in Santa Monica on the last week of July this year. I brought back with me: excitement, motivation, CONFIDENCE, and an immense respect for Sharon Blain, Julie Hagney, and the ART that they shared with us on those four wonderful days. Bootcamp is a MUST for everybody; what you take away from it is priceless, this is education in all its glory! Just thinking about my experience puts a smile on my heart, go – you’re worth it!

John Flores
Santa Monica Boot Camp

The epitome of excellence!

These last 4 days have changed my #life@sharonblain there’s NO ONE like you. You are the epitome of excellence! Your vision is beyond, your spirit is magical and your energy is magnetic‼ I will never forget this time you’ve shared with me. I’m forever grateful and I can’t say #THANKYOU enough.


A workout for your hands and your hairy soul

Düsseldorf A 4 day “workout” for your hands and your hairy soul..Those ladies ROCK

Denise Bredtmann

The most growth in my styling skills

Everything I thought I knew about styling was challenged and my way was challenged and through some frustration I had the most growth in my styling skills this week because of a woman who put every ounce of her heart and soul into every minute of our time with her I am so fortunate to have met and gained an incredible mentor thank you



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